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Immuno Diagnostics

SelexOnTM monitor for disease and checks status by measuring biomarkers in human blood.

Fully Automated Immuno Diagnostics

SelexOn, a quantitative Immunoassay analyser is a POC device used to run a wide array of tests. SelexOn, is a fully automated device which needs just the blood for the tests to be carried out and the result is out within 10 minutes. SelexOn, is a device mainly used to check on lifestyle diseases, it covers cardiac markers, cancer markers, thyroid markers, Vitamin D, insulin etc.

Why Buy Immuno Diagnostics?

SelexOn, is ideal for operation theatres, emergency wards, even ambulances. SelexOn is also placed in remote areas where there is absence of labs. Now, patients don’t need to wait days for their test result. They can get it in a matter of minutes, which in return helps save many lives.

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