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What is Thermo Checker

Thermo Checker is an infrared thermometer making it easy to detect temperature in patients without causing them any sort of trouble and leading to a quicker result.

The smart and sleek design of Thermo Checker makes it easy to carry and store the device.

Features & Benefits

  • Noncontact Thermometer
  • Fast & Accurate Measurement in 1 Second
  • Various Applications
  • Power Saving
  • Lightweight & Compact Design
  • Auto-Memory Save & Recall
  • Centigrade & Fahrenheit Conversion


Power ConsumptionDC 3V Lithium Battery CR2032

Components Thermometer, Protective Case and User Manual
Sensors Thermopile Sensors
Dimensions 131.5mm*17.7mm*26mm
Weight 50g
Temperature Range 0-100°C/ 93.2-108.5°F
Accuracy Within 0.2°C
Test Time 1 Second
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